ISSN 1895-4464

ARTYKUŁY / Proceedings

TADEUSZ ZATWARNICKI. Bibliografia Dipterologiczna Polski (1597-2020) / Polish Dipterological Bibliography (1597-2020) ... 1-361

GRZEGORZ DUBIEL, CEZARY BYSTROWSKI , ANDRZEJ JÓZEF WOŹNICA. Zróżnicowanie strategii życiowych muchówek / The diversity of life strategies of Diptera ... 362-398

KOMENTARZE I OPINIE / Correspondence

GRZEGORZ DUBIEL, CEZARY BYSTROWSKI, ANDRZEJ JÓZEF WOŹNICA. Wspomnienie o lekarzu i przyrodniku GRZEGORZU DUBIELU (1972-2021) z Bystrej ... 399-404


The Dipteron, formerly known as: Dipteron, Bulletin of the Dipterological Section of the Polish Entomological Society, is an electronic-only, Open Access journal, covering a broad spectrum of topics within Old World Diptera. From 2017 all papers are published online immediately after proofreading and will be freely available at our website (http://pte.au.poznan.pl/dipteron) as separated pdf-files under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. Also already published volumes are freely available from the above mentioned webpage. To satisfy requirements of the 2012 Amendment of Articles 8, 9, 10, 21 and 78 of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, and to improve methods of publication, the journal will be archived in one of the certified electronic storage facilities. All taxonomic works containing all nomenclatural acts within those papers will be registered in ZooBank in order to ensure the validity of these documents for the purposes of zoological nomenclature from the date of publication.

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