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  • Papers submitted to the Polish Journal of Entomology should be original contributions to all aspects of entomology. The papers from following fields are preferable: taxonomy, systematics, morphology, life history, behavior, ecology and applied entomology. Papers of over-local importance, concerning insect conservation, biodiversity and zoogeography will be appreciated. Papers on applied entomology will be considered only if they concentrate primarily on insects.
  • Papers should be written in English. Authors are urgently requested to have their manuscripts checked for linguistic correctness before submission.
  • The electronic version of the text and illustrations should be e-mailed or eventually submitted on a PC compatible CD/DVD disc to the Executive Editor. All IBM compatible word processing programmes are accepted. Figures should be sent in separate files, in .tif, .gif, .jpg or .cdr format, in case of raster graphic – in at least 450 dpi dimension.
  • Authors are requested to suggest at least three names of reviewers.
  • The manuscripts will be evaluated by the editors and two external referees. The editors reserve the right to refuse any manuscript submitted if it does not follow the policy of the journal, does not meet technical, language or meritorical requirements, and to make suggestions and modifications before sending to the reviewers.
  • The paper shall consists of the following elements: title, author`s name, author`s address, abstract, key words, introduction, methods and material, results, discussion, conclusions, references.
  • Please use italics for generic and species names, and avoid bold letters, footnotes and complex tables.
  • Figures should be submitted in no more than twice their printed size. A list of figure legends must be enclosed.
  • Tables should be prepared in MS Word, MS Excel or similar program. Their size should not exceed the page size (13x20 cm).
  • The abbreviations gen. n., sp. n., syn. n., and comb. n. should be used to distinguish all new taxa, synonymies and combinations. The full sex designations (male and female) should be used rather than the sex symbols with reference to all material examined.
  • References should be listed alphabetically and journal titles given in full, for example:
    BOOMSMA T., DUNKLE S.W. 1996. Odonata of Belize. Odonatologica 25(1): 17-29.
    The reference within the text should be written as BOOMSMA & DUNKLE (1960) or (BOOMSMA & DUNKLE 1960).
  • The names of authors of papers written in an alphabet other than the Latin one should be transcribed into English, and titles should be transcribed and/or translated, for example:
    BESHOVSKI V.L. 1994. The Fauna of Bulgaria. 23. Insecta, Odonata. Izdatelstvo na bylgarskata akademia na naukite, Sofia. (in Bulgarian)
  • Authors are advised to study carefully papers similar to their own in recent copies of the journal or its website (http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/pjen?rskey=USoxj4&result=1) and to follow the layout and style, capitalization and labelling of figures.
  • The print of the paper is black and white, figures are free of charge. The author covers only the costs of DOI number (300 PLN or 75 EUR; members of the Polish Entomological Society - 200 PLN or 50 EUR) and the print of colour figures if they are included in the paper (75 PLN or 20 EUR per page). In exceptional duly substantiated circumstances, the author can be exempt from charges from DOI with the consent of the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Reprints are not planned. Authors receive a PDF of articles for free dissemination.
  • Correspondence concerning publication should be addressed to:

Paweł Buczyński
Department of Zoology, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University,
Akademicka 19, 20-033 Lublin, Poland

e-mail: pawbucz@gmail.com

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